Breathing new life and repurposing material that would otherwise have been left to wither and age in anonymity compels me to create my art. Each piece inevitable goes through multiple incarnations before it reaches its final state. Just to be able to be a part of the process of art coming alive in my hands; the process of creation and listening to each unique piece and allowing it to lead me in its metamorphosis is what my work is about.

I began as a photographer working for major movie and television productions but soon discovered the need to focus on a more creative process. I started experimenting with combining raw found materials with my photographs, building frames that would create a context and emotional environment for the images.

This process led me to discover a three-dimensional world for my art; using reclaimed materials found along my urban travels to create installations and sculptures that speak to social injustices and environmental problems.

Annalisa Iadicicco

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