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Sculptures and reclaimed materials

“Fred Aster & Ginger Rogers”

New York, 2018
Mixed Media (discarded music instruments, lamps)

Dancer in the night, crossing ghost notes written in the sidewalk. Steps of dance in the city that never stops to pulsate, under the spotlight of an artificial moon. The electric body is a musical instrument that resounds continuing to dream in the elusive city


New York, 2018
Mixed Media (discarded clothes, resin)

The artwork weaves its web to capture attention. Like a spider it climbs, hides and waits. The look falls into the trap set by the spider's web, and cannot escape the surprise effect. In art, however, the trap does not depend on invisibility, but works thanks to maximum visibility on the urban landscape. In the city of security, there is no space for those who follow airways, for the flights of artists, even for superheroes. No more risk: stop and frisk. "Spiderman, you're under arrest! You have the right to remain silent....


“The Almighty Dollar”

New York, 2018

Mixed Media ( resin flag, plastic mold)

The mephistophelic power of alchemical transformation of money, the only lord, the great mystifier who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing. The currency out of the false power of money is unveiled by the boredom of wealth.


“Tin Man”

New York, 2018

Mixed Media ( aluminum sheet metal, lamp, bolts)

The metallic lung sinks in the breath, the bronchial breath in the disturbed dream dented of the wrecks: metallic perfumes, watertight bulkheads of desire.

Diamond brittle nails, oil tears, tired nerves. Friction of sanded gears. Along the veins of doubt, the heart in the fist the mind in the claws


“Water Tower”

New York, 2018

Mixed Media ( garbage bin, copper water tubes, ombrella, plastic wires, sensor sound)

Water tower on the roofs, a bomb of potential water, an umbilicalcord, ascension fluids communicating with the underground rivers, ready to flood the city, to purge the lost organic soul. Waiting for the flood.


“Women's March NYC”

New York, 2017
Mixed Media (discarded signs, audio sound)

Following the Women’s March in New York City, protesters left behind thousands of signs around Fifth Avenue near Trump Tower. This is a collection of some of the discarded signs.

Installation by Annalisa Iadicicco
Sound recorded by Svea Schneider


“Superheroes Sculptures”

LIC, NYC 2017

“A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy’s shoulders to let him know that his world hasn’t come to an end.”

Superhero’s Sculptures are a series of sculptures made out of discarded car bumpers that resemble Marvel’s heroes and other comic book characters. They are an inspiration to unleash the hero within and a call to become part of an active citizenry.



LIC, NYC 2017

Mixed Media (Car Bumpers, leather, paper mache)

62"x 44"x30"


LIC, NYC 2017

Mixed Media (Car Bumpers, Flocks, discarded plastic molds)


In collaboration with Plaxall, Inc.

The structure of Spiderman is made out of two car bumpers modeled in an oval shape to create the face and are covered with a red velvet plastic sheet called Flock. This material is thermoformed by Plaxall to create cosmetic trays.

The eyes are made out of the lights of the bumpers and they are covered with fabric and discarded black dots molds. Those molds were used to create pharmaceutical tubes for inter-plant shipping. LED lights are installed in the eyes.

 The design of the mask is made out of shiny black leftovers molds that were discarded and ready to be recycled.


Jamiaca, NYC 2016

Mixed Media (Car bumpers, bolts, plastic, clothes)

72”x 68”x 36”

In collaboration with Local Project Gallery and No Longer Empty

A sculpture made out of car bumpers and bolts. An open studio workshop for kids in Jamaica Queens, commissioned by Local Project  for “Jameco Exchange”, a site-responsive exhibition and socially engaged education platform by No Longer Empty.


NYC, 2015.

Mixed Media (Recycled vinyls, cassette tapes, disco ball, clothes, glass paper panel).

120"x 84"

​"Studio 54" celebrates the era of personal freedom and lost of senses on the dance floor where texting and twitting did not affect the soul but made "live the moment" in a place flammable with energy.

​On a nostalgic note it reminds us of the lost music experience of the "Record Store Days".

The thrill of walking the aisles of a record store moving through row upon row of records, touch and see the actual artwork, talk to people for recommendation and spend an afternoon discovering music.

"Seek side by side silently"

NYC, 2015

Mixed Media (Mesh sheet metal, mirrors, leather, blower, reclaimed windows, waterslide photo paper).

76” x 48” x 48”


Seek side-by-side documents a walk through breast cancer, depicting the emotional turmoil and synesthesia symptoms of a caregiver.

It honors the human body and what connect us all, blood.

“ 2 Amendment ”

NYC, 2013

Mixed Media (Recycled stop sign, metal, Plexiglas, LED lights).

54” x 54” x 2”


“ 2 Amendment ” is an installation made of metal, discarded street sign, plexiglas and LED lights. The Sandy Hook School shooting and other US mass shootings inspired the artwork.

It highlights the social issue of global violence and, it’s the unified voice to raise awareness and help end the epidemic of violence.

"Red Tree"

India, 2012

Mixed Media (Recycled reinforced metal, cement, mirrors, red cloth).

13’ x 67” x 62”


Red Tree, is a public sculpture made out of discarded reinforced metal and contraction materials.

The tree, as symbol of prevention of erosion, is portrayed as a broken tree, which has been figuratively stitched together by a red cloth to recognize the importance of nature and the need to preserve and respect it.


It is an expression of how to connect to one others roots in nature in our modern urban landscape.


It was created for the Artefacting “Global Village 2012’

event on the bank of the Brahmaputra river in Guwahati, Assam, India.

And it is now installed in a public residential complex.

"Circle of Transition"

India, 2012

Mixed Media (bamboo, recycled bags, betel nut tree branches) 13’x13’

“Circle of Transition” is an interactive installation composed of bamboo, recycled rice bags, and betel nut tree branches.

It represents the passing from one culture to another, from a traditional to a modern world and from one state or condition to another. The use of bags is a metaphor for the transitions we encounter in life; as bags go through metamorphosis, burlap to synthetic, paper to plastic, so we as humans are in a constant movement and transformation.

It was created for the Artefacting “Global Village 2012” event on the bank of the Brahmaputra river in Guwahati, Assam, India.

"Willets point"

Willets Point, New York, 2011.

Mixed Media (photography, auto parts, automobile)

“Willets Point” is a celebration of the ethnically diverse business community in Willets Point, Queens.


It represents its resourceful- ness, economic unity, and industrious community spirit.

The installation is executed with remnants of cars, cars auto-parts and photographs and was created for the “Willets Point Festival” commissioned by the Queens Museum.

"John Doe"

NYC 2010.

Mixed Media (Police barricade, chrome pipes, bullets shells).

40” ½”x 33” x 36”


John Doe is a mixed media representation of themes that are always murmured silently but hardly expresses openly in the main stream.


The goal is to bluntly highlight those issues so important and relevant such as abuse of power, racism, rage and deception in order to create a very clear and direct message to the audience.


Executed with different materials such as police barricade, chrome pipes and bullets shells, the artwork wants to reflect the multicultural identity and moral value of contemporary America, independently from what political wind is blowing

"Mother Earth"

NYC 2008

Mixed Media (Wood, metal, clothe, artificial flowers).

10’ x 5’


Mother Earth portrays the tug o’ war between the artificial aspect of civilization created by humanity and the natural force of nature such as earthquakes.


The artwork depicts a zipper that is about to close on a field and thus highlighting the human indifference toward the environment, but at the same time this idea is contracted by the lateral panels that remind us of the cracked concrete after a strong earthquake.


Created in 2008, the artwork is executed in mixed materials on resin-prepared wood.

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